Please note that this document has been prepared by FASNY and its consultants. It has been submitted to the City of White Plains
Common Council, acting as Lead Agency under the State Environmental Quality Review Act. This DEIS has been accepted as complete
on August 6, 2012. This determination of adequacy(or “completeness”) does not express, either implicitly or explicitly, any agreement by
the Lead Agency as to the interpretations or conclusions drawn by FASNY and its consultants, or resolution of any issues
presented in the DEIS.


Interior Cover Sheet
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1   Project Description
Chapter 2   Land Use, Zoning, and Public Policy
Chapter 3   Geology, Soils and Topography
Chapter 4   Wetlands, Hydrology and Stormwater
Chapter 5   Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 6   Historic and Cultural Resources
Chapter 7   Visual Impact and Community Character
Chapter 8   Community Services and Facilities
Chapter 9   Infrastructure
Chapter 10   Socioeconomic Character and Fiscal Impacts
Chapter 11   Traffic and Transportation
Chapter 12   Air Quality
Chapter 13   Noise
Chapter 14   Hazardous Materials
Chapter 15   Construction
Chapter 16   Alternatives
Chapter 17   Mitigation
Chapter 18   Use and Conservation of Energy
Chapter 19   Growth Inducing Impacts
Chapter 20   Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitments of Resources
Chapter 21   Unavoidable Impacts


A.   Adopted Scope
B.   Conservancy Master Plan
C.   Geotechnical Report
D.   Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
E.   Wetlands
E-1.   Wetland Delineation Report

E-2.   Correspondence with US Army Corps of Engineers

E-3.   Certifications

F.   Tree Survey
G.   NHP Correspondence
G-1.   NHP Correspondence

G-2.   Westchester County List of Threatened and Endangered Species

H.   OPRHP Correspondence
I.   Emergency Services
I-1.     White Plains Emergency Services Response

I-2.     Larchmont Emergency Services Response

I-3.     Mamaroneck Emergency Services Response

I-4.     Scarsdale Emergency Services Response

J.   Traffic
J-1.    Existing Conditions Data Collection and Synchro Outputs

J-2.    Observed Gap Times

J-3.    License Plate Surveys

J-4.    Pedestrian Counts

J-5.    No Build Volume Detail

J-6.    Year 2019 No Build Synchro Outputs

J-7.    Traffic Management Plan

J-8.    Existing Campus Operations

J-9.    Travel Route Surveys

J-10.    Year 2019 Build Synchro Outputs and Signal Warrant Analysis

J-11.    Year 2019 Build with Improvements Synchro Outputs

J-12.    Adaptive Signal Control Systems

K.   Noise Monitoring
K-1.   Athletic Event Noise Technical Memo

K-2.   Parking Lot Noise Assessment

K-3.   Mechanical Equipment Noise Assessment

K-4.   Mechanical Equipment Specifications

L.   Phase I ESA and Phase II
L-1.    Phase I ESA

L-2.    Phase II

M.   Construction Management Plan
N.   Large Scale Drawings
John Meyer Consulting, PC Site Plan Drawings

SP-1   Cover Sheet

SP-2   Overall Existing Conditions Plan

SP-3   Overall Site Layout Plan

SP-4   Site Layout Plan (Area 1)

SP-5   Site Layout Plan (Area 2)

SP-6   Site Layout Plan (Area 3)

SP-7   Site Layout Plan (Area 4)

SP-8   Site Grading Plan (Area 1)

SP-9   Site Grading Plan (Area 2)

SP-10   Site Grading Plan (Area 3)

SP-11   Site Grading Plan (Area 4)

SP-12   Site Utilities Plan (Area 1)

SP-13   Site Utilities Plan (Area 2)

SP-14   Site Utilities Plan (Area 3)

SP-15   Site Utilities Plan (Area 4)

SP-16   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 1)

SP-17   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 2)

SP-18   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 3)

SP-19   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 4)

SP-20   Site Landscaping Plan (Area 1)

SP-21   Site Landscaping Plan (Area 2)

SP-22   Site Landscaping Plan (Area 3)

SP-23   Site Landscaping Plan (Area 4)

SP-24   Construction Details

SP-25   Construction Details

SP-26   Construction Details

SP-27   Construction Details

SP-28   Construction Details

SP-29   Construction Details

SP-30   Construction Details

SP-31   Driveway Profiles

SP-32   Driveway Profiles

James G. Rogers Architects Drawings

A1   Upper School Proposed Floor Plans

A2   Upper School Proposed Floor Plans

A3   Upper School Proposed Building Elevations

A4   Middle School Proposed Floor Plans

A5   Lower School Proposed Floor Plans

A6   Lower School Proposed Building Elevations

A7   Physical Education & Performing Arts Building Proposed Floor Plans

A8   Physical Education & Performing Arts Building Proposed Building Elevations

O.   Infrastructure
O-1.    ConEd Service E-mail

O-2.    Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring Report

O-3.    Sanitary Sewer Video Inspection Report