1.     Site Plan/Special Permit Application Narrative/Cover Letter
2.     Survey Review of Title and Easements
3.     Transportation Management Plan
4.     Conservancy Master Plan
5.     Declaration of Covenants
6.     Petition for Discontinuance of Street
7.     Stormwater Pollution Preservation Plan
A.   Existing Hydrologic Calculations
B.   Proposed Hydrologic Calculations
C.   NYSDEC Stormwater Sizing Calculations
D.   Contractors Certification
E.   Owner's Certification
F.   Stormwater Practice Construction Inspection Checklists
G.   Operation and Maintenance
H.   Drainage Area Maps
I.     Dam Drawings
8.     Geotechnical Summary
9.     Construction Management Plan
10.   Environmental Analysis
11.   Coordinated Review Sustainability Checklist
12.   Building MEP Calculation
13.   Average Grade Calculations

John Meyer Consulting, PC Site Plan Drawings
SP-1     Cover Sheet
SP-2     Overall Existing Conditions Plan and Environmentally Sensitive Features
SP-3     Existing Conditions Plan (Area 1)
SP-4     Existing Conditions Plan (Area 2)
SP-5     Existing Conditions Plan (Area 3)
SP-6     Existing Conditions Plan (Area 4)
SP-7     Existing Conditions Plan (Area 5)
SP-8     Site Demolition Plan (Area 1)
SP-9     Site Demolition Plan (Area 2)
SP-10   Site Demolition Plan (Area 3)
SP-11   Site Demolition Plan (Area 4)
SP-12   Site Demolition Plan (Area 5)
SP-13   Overall Site Layout Plan
SP-14   Site Layout Plan (Area 1)
SP-15   Site Layout Plan (Area 2)
SP-16   Site Layout Plan (Area 3)
SP-17   Site Layout Plan (Area 4)
SP-18   Site Layout Plan (Area 5)
SP-19   Site Grading Plan (Area 1)
SP-20   Site Grading Plan (Area 2)
SP-21   Site Grading Plan (Area 3)
SP-22   Site Grading Plan (Area 4)
SP-23   Site Grading Plan (Area 5)
SP-24   Site Utilities Plan (Area 1)
SP-25   Site Utilities Plan (Area 2)
SP-26   Site Utilities Plan (Area 3)
SP-27   Site Utilities Plan (Area 4)
SP-28   Site Utilities Plan (Area 5)
SP-29   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 1)
SP-30   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 2)
SP-31   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 3)
SP-32   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 4)
SP-33   Site Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (Area 5)
SP-34   Preliminary North Street Site Driveway Intersection Improvement Plan
SP-35   Preliminary Bryant Avenue & North Street Intersection Improvement Plan
SP-36   Fire Access Garbage Truck Plan
SP-37   Hathaway Lane Abandonment Plan
SP-38   Road Profiles
SP-39   Construction Details
SP-40   Construction Details
SP-41   Construction Details
SP-42   Construction Details
SP-43   Construction Details

John Meyer Consulting, PC Survey Drawings
SU-1      Survey of Property
SU-1A   Survey of Property
SU-2      Survey of Property

STANTEC Drawings
A010U   Upper School & Gymnasium Coordination Plan - Level 0
A011U   Upper School & Gymnasium Coordination Plan - Level 1
A012U   Upper School & Gymnasium Coordination Plan - Level 2
A011M   Middle School & Black Box Theater Coordination Plan - Level 1 & Level 2.pdf
A011L    Lower School Coordination Plan - Level 1 & Level 2.pdf
A010P    Performing Arts Center Coordination Plan - Level 0 & Level 1
A610U   Upper School & Gymnasium Exterior Elevations
A610M   Middle School & Black Box Theater Exterior Elevations
A610L    Lower School Exterior Elevations
A610P    Performing Arts Center Exterior Elevations
A800      Campus-Gross Building Area & Room Schedules

E002   Electrical Site Plan
E003   Site Lighting Calculations
E701   Site Lighting Fixtures

LP-1   Site Landscaping Plan Area 1
LP-2   Site Landscaping Plan Area 2
LP-3   Site Landscaping Plan Area 3
LP-4   Site Landscaping Plan Area 4
LP-5   Site Landscaping Plan Area 5