Draft Environmental Impact Statement Text
Figure I.A-1   Local Site Location Map
Figure I.A-2   Aerial Photograph
Figure I.A-3   Site Landscaping Plan
Figure I.A-4   Zoning and Tax Map
Figure I.A-5   Site Existing Conditions Map
Figure I.B-1   Cover Sheet
Figure I.B-1a   Impact Area Map
Figure I.B-1b   City of White Plains Land Use Map
Figure I.B-2   Site Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
Figure I.B-3   Site Lighting Plan
Figure I.B-4   Site Grading Plan
Figure I.B-5   Site Utilities Plan
Figure II.A-1   Site Layout Plan
Figure IV.A-1   Surrounding Land Use Map
Figure IV.C-1   Existing Drainage Area Map
Figure IV.C-2   Proposed Drainage Area Map
Figure IV.F-1   Photo Key Map
Figure IV.F-2A   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2B   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2C   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2D   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2E   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2F   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2G   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2H   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2I   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2J   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2K   Site Photos
Figure IV.F-2L   Site Photos
Figure V.1   8 Lot Subdivision Alternative Figure
Figure V.2   4 Lot Subdivision with Reduced Parking Lot Alternative Figure
Figure V.3   10 Lot Subdivision Alternative Figure


Appendix A   "Full Environmental Assessment Form," dated May 17, 2010
Appendix B   "Final Scoping Document" by City of White Plains Planning Board, adopted May 17, 2011
Appendix C   "Transportation Management Plan (TMP) German School New York" by John Collins Engineers, P.C., revision dated February 9, 2012
Appendix D   "Traffic Impact Study" by John Collins Engineers, P.C., revision dated May 16, 2012
Appendix E   "German School Space Analysis" by Sullivan Architecture, P.C., dated August 22, 2011
Appendix F   "German School New York Mission Statement and Master Plan-2010", with September 2011 "Addendum" thereto
Appendix G   "Applicant's Memorandum of Law" by Robert F. Davis, Esq., dated June 17, 2011
Appendix H   "Site Evaluation for Wetlands" by Evans Associates, dated June 22, 2011
Appendix I   "White Plains Construction Management Protocol" by the City of White Plains, undated
Appendix J   Letter from James M. Bradley, Chief of Police, dated August 12, 2011
Appendix J-1   Letter from O'Dea, Lynch and Abbattista Consulting Engineers, dated May 11, 2012


Appendix K   "Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)" by John Meyer Consulting, PC, revised April 2, 2012